Bad Habits 1

I have been developing some bad habits recently that I need to control.  Seriously, I’m trying to save money and I end up paying nearly $100 for black suit wool just for a ‘practice’ project.  My problem is I’m starting to buy more things without checking the price.  It’s been going on for quite a while, and started about a year ago when I got a job but had no priorities or anything to save for.

Also I’m half way through the first part of this project, and I found I only needed around 60% of the wool I bought -.-.  A few of my past projects were the same deal, I only needed about half the supplies I got.

The only good thing though is I might be able to make use of this wool.  I could instead include it into some kind of portfolio piece.  I’m thinking it could turnout to be a 20/30s inspired coat/cape suit look.  Today I finished cutting the pieces, lining, interfacing, etc.  Over the next few days I’ll have to decide on the decoration or embroidery I’ll do on it and materials I would use.  Then hopefully I’ll check the right price and amount of those materials so I won’t be as wasteful as I have been.

And most importantly, I hope I finish it.  That’s another flaw I have. I can’t manage to finish a lot of projects I start.  It takes me forever to start it if it’s not on impulse.  Then I’ll get to 70% complete super quick, and somehow leave it there forever.  I’ve thrown quite a few projects away in the past and I feel a kind of shame just remembering my plans for it all.  But I don’t lose hope!  Maybe every third or fourth thing I tend to complete or make an achievement.  Like I’m 10 minutes away from finishing a major thick scarf.  The tassles are a little nuts but I like it.  This is after 2 other yarn projects I did. The first was shit because it was the first of course, and the second has been ignored though it sits just 2 ruler lengths away from me…hmm.  Anyways, I’ll probably finish the scarf tonight and use my breaks at work to make up my mind on designs.



Some pictures of Theda Bara, who motivated me to get a 20s source-book where I found a thousand coat and cape looks.  I was originally interested in more lightweight fabrics, now I don’t know anymore.  However, my number one original favourite from the 20s will always be Clara Bow.


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