Saving for Travel

I have a few hours to kill before I gotta work so I thought I’d note down how I’m saving a bit here and there to save up for future travels.  There are so many places I wanna go and so many things I want to do all over the world, but I haven’t really made it a priority until recently because I’ve been letting myself get distracted by unimportant everyday things.  So many of these small everyday things cost only a bit of money, but at the end of each day/month they add up.  I don’t have a huge helpful list, but I think just sticking to a few of these things go a long way.

Cut down on Coffee/café drinks
One of my biggest loves in life are cafés, and a lot of the time I would go out just to go to one.  Most of the time though it was during lunch breaks and shopping that I would spend $3 – $5, even a few times a day for hot drinks.  Each week that would often reach $30.  I wouldn’t even need a buzz (cos for some reason caffeine doesn’t work on me), and nearly everyday I’d already had a coffee/tea at home. I also had free drinks at work.  So really I just went for the sake of buying it and using up a ridiculous amount of coffee cards, which I still collect from new cafes at least once a month.  Where I work/live the drinks are kind of expensive for what you get, and the Chocs and Chais can be even more than the coffees.  So telling myself I don’t need to spend those few extra dollars each day is still a little hard, but it’s working.

Clothes!!! (& beauty stuff)
What typical girly girl in love with clothing and fashion doesn’t enjoy expanding her wardrobe each week?  It’s quite hard to avoid, especially on my days off.  But luckily for me I tend to get sick of shops every now and then, and I’m not a fan of online shopping.  Also, I’m not in walking distance to any big malls where I work/live.  So this one is a little easier to avoid, but when I’m there, well I just hope I don’t find something I fall in love with at first sight.  When I’m lucky, this saves me at least $50 a week.  If I add art and craft supplies to the mix it definitely goes up about $20.

I don’t drive myself so where most of my transport money goes to is taxi/uber rides.  Umm, really it’s just me being less lazy, having better time management, and only using these services when I really need to. For example, when I’ve somehow missed 534 alarms, and I have to be at work in half an hour. I also live a decent way from work, so some weeks it would have reached $60, and every other week just 10 less. So this one is quite big.   I also got a bike to save and get some daily exercise in. Instead of spending nearly $10 just to catch a train, I can get up off my weak ass and bike for 10 minutes while saving another bit of cash. This also goes for the taxis/ubers home.  I will only spend on a lift home if I really can’t be bothered and want to lie in bed asap.

Pointless little shit for my home/room
Nearly every time I go to get something I do need, I end up walking through all the isles with nice new useful looking stuff.  But honestly I already have something at home which is doing the job, or it’s really not that useful at all.  I studied some business and marketing, so It’s not too hard to convince myself that I don’t need that crap, but it still takes effort.  This could be anywhere from $10 to $50 a week.

There are more things, but these are my main general ways of saving that I actually have to make an effort with everyday.  I am improving, and I think these could apply for anything else I save for in the future. Also, something tell myself with these things is, instead of buying ‘this’ here, I could wait and buy ‘this’ overseas instead! This works for me 80% of the time when I’m unable to tell myself no. Well good luck to me.




Pictures are of a Byron Bay sunrise. I spent a week there the last time during a semester break.


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