It’s been 2 months!?

Holy heck this Saturday will be the last class of the fashion course I began at the start of May.  The past several weeks have just flown by so fast that I can’t believe it’s basically already finished.  For my last ‘class’  I have to use a pattern of my own choosing and sew a garment there.  I haven’t chosen what I want yet, but I have a few to pick from.  Also I only have tomorrow (later today, it’s 1.30am right now) to prepare!  To chose the pattern, or buy it even, chose and buy fabric and materials to match, and pre-cut it all. I don’t have too many distractions at the moment so I should be able to get it done, but I say this to myself about everything, every night -.-  I hope I can make up my mind, get it done, and move on to other related things.

This course has been pretty much what I expected.  I started it to get an idea for what the industry might be like, and what it might be like to study it long term as well.  I’ve also received lots of information on either starting up a business/label straight away, or bits and pieces to start a portfolio for further study.  Although the business side of things is tempting, I would prefer to do further study.  One thing though, we received lots of info, but it was a very generic overview because it was just 8 weeks. It is what I wanted though and now It’s up to me to make what I can from it.

Another thing, I’m traveling in 2 months, and some longer courses I want to apply for open just before I leave.  So I have to come up with somethings in about a months time. I’m not sure how I will pull that off, but I know I’m quite okay under pressure, probably more motivated too.


Note: I watched this whole silent film starring Lillian Gish and the costumes are so inspiring!  The picture is her in a wedding night dress robe. Also, the movie was very emotionally engaging. Tragic but sort of a happy decent ending.  🙂


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