Fashion Course

I’ve recently started a short course in fashion design, and currently in my second week.  I’m not sure what it will get me in the end, but there’s definitely a lot of homework to do.  The tutor has a rather sensitive personality, which is alright and something I can kind of relate to.  She seems to have a pretty good background in the industry and knows a whole lot about where to start and get things done.  Hopefully I will not be a lazy mothefucka and use this all to my advantage ♥.

The homework is not checked, but definitely has to be done in order to get something out of this course.  You can get creative, come to class, and get feedback from the experts.  I spent about 10 hours on the first weeks homework, and looking at this weeks sheet, it looks like I’ll be spending even more time on it.  Which is totally fine by me because it’s the kind of homework I’ve always dreamed of.  Second week and I’m already trying to make a whole portfolio on a theme or inspiration.  I’m super excited with what I’ll come up with.

I’m also thinking more about the future again.  I know for sure I want to do a longer course in a different city for a challenge.  But there’s so many ways to go about getting things done, and making decisions have never been a smooth task for me.  It’s always a mix of money, business, connections, environment, future work ops, etc.  Hopefully I’ll stick with a decision or find a way to get a few things done and not stress out too much.

Good luck to me.

note – picture of lil kim in ’96, totally how I feel each time I rock up to class. ♥



Dawn of a New Day

The first post on my new blog. How exciting! I’ve had a few other blogs in the past but I haven’t touched them in years, and so many things have changed since I made them last when I was a teen. I’m now in my 20s, don’t feel too different but I’m trying to get things done in life more than ever.

I tend to make really casual unedited posts, but I will try to make more of an effort this time round.  I’m hoping to post frequently about anything and everything!  But my biggest motivation to get this new blog up was to have a space to type whatever I wanted about fashion, travel , and a few other things in my life.

Anyways, to whoever passes by, if you can relate to anything I put up somehow I hope you return 🙂


Picture is of a himalayan predawn sky.
Listening to – CCR Hideaway; Drake Passionfruit.